The Man In The Moon

i look to the sky as the darkness draws near. the sound of crickets in the distant wind, i can hear. the moon is so full with a luminious light. he shows me the way through the black of night. he stands out, seeming so close, but yet so far away. never wanting him to leave, but he runs from the day. no matter what it is, we all have a fear. i'm not the only one, he runs to disappear. i look for guidence in the sky. but even the man in the moon can cry. he feels my desires. he feels my pain. when i cry, he cries tears of rain. he knows my thoughts. he knows what's on my mind. he can always see the truth in me. he is never blind. he is the only one i can depend on. even through the day, when he is gone. i know he will come back. he will never leave. but through out the day, all i do is grieve. i wait for the first star to shine in the night. to show me that glow, when he appears at first sight. like no other, the moon is my special friend. i know he will be there till my life comes to an end. for then we can be one, together shining high. until that day comes, i will look for my love up in the sky.
pinklily69 pinklily69
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2011

I like this very much.