It's Over

It was love at first sight,
And now all we do is fight,
Broken promises and shattered dreams,
I don't know why u did this to me,
So many notes so many letters,
Telling me things will get better,
The day i held our new little life,
I thought everything would be alright,
I remember all those promises u made,
And when u broke them i felt so betrayed,
I have moved on,
Now that your gone,
You say i caused all this pain,
Man up and take some of the blame,
Even though it's been two years,
Your hate for me has only grown more severe,
I may of hurt u when this all came to an end,
But for our son sake why can't we be friends
skylagirl skylagirl
2 Responses Aug 15, 2011

well written<br />
Stay Strong..

chika.. look atchu and ur rhymin azz<br />
and ur right, man up already dude<br />
It's not to much to ask<br />
For him to not be rude<br />
He isn't putting his child first<br />
Still holding onto heartache<br />
He makes it much worse<br />
Man up for ur son's sake