Mirror Mirror On My Soul

Unpleasantly, unrested though I've just woken from a long nights rest.......

I guess I'm just a huge ol' mess!

My body beaten down from everyday worry and constsant stress.

I splash my face with cold water then pat myself dry. I was suddenly startled as I uncovered my eyes.

"Who was this stranger starring at me?"  Until I realized.....

It was just my own reflection starring back at me.  "How can this be?"

overwhelmed with sorrow ......

My heart sunk to the floor.

For when my eyes met my own

I knew not who I was anymore.

For a brief second, I caught a glimpse of my soul.

I t  was'nt as beautiful as it was once before.

Who am I? What have I become?

Can the damage be undone?

Anythings possible........

Stop trying to run.......

dust yourself off and try again

Face it head on.........don't pretend.

JessBcuz JessBcuz
31-35, F
Mar 15, 2008