True Love … Missing In Action :)

We slid the cotton sheet, swiftly gently from beneath our feet.

Humid air and twilight glimmer we caress each other in trembling shimmer.

Soft of breath, a slowing motion, we begin and share our profound devotion.

As we forge exploratory play, the world around fades away.

Bound in love, passion spires our raging thoughts like burning fires.

Like mountaineers we reach the peak, the sweat bled synergy a well drained creek.

Now the world returns a new, we sleep the passion as lovers do.

{A rare and wonderful experience)
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
10 Responses Aug 28, 2011

You are clever.......

a great poet from a distant past

Terrific !


A beautiful well written rhyming verse poem. I love how you are able to capture the visuals and the essence of the emotion....("Like mountaineers we reach the peak, the sweat bled synergy a well drained creek.") .. while keeping it all tied together with the "ABAB Rhyme". Not an easy accomplishment. Very Well done!

Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful appreciation :)

I stumbled across this little gem while looking for something else. Isn't that amazing when life happens that way? What a lovely read ES. I enjoyed the journey. :)

Mmmm! :)


Great poem...sweet and sincere - thanks for sharing it :)

Passionate and sweet....enlightening thanks

Thanks I am glad you like

That was quite the intellectual intercourse you gave me there....I like it

Thanks, I never thought of it that way, it was straight off the cuff, your comment is very apt.

Great poetry. Thanks for sharing.