Desop An Moirr

close my eyes and dream of a dream
one where nobodies really going to know what I mean
but here goes none the less
through my thoughts i regress
the waking of my time
is so truthfully benign

living of age
to contemplate my days
in a prison cell of the home
lost the will to grow old
for I care not what I've been told,
I've learned only what to do,
should I ever be free and equal to you

pieces of my mind have been lost in time
fragments of imagination
falling away
gone on vacation

no one's going to find them
I sure wont succeed
not in this little game
of hide and go seek

maybe I'll learn one day
maybe I'll understand
that none of this was ever really part of a plan

a plan that I find
is more clever than mine
to try and understand and hopefully in due time,
it'll supply a little peace of mind

This isn't the end
this isn't where I stop
this is simply the biggest drop
this where I hold
my hands to my head
and scream as though
I were ravaged by the dead

life isn't fair
and neither am I
for nothing that I suffer
will ever make me tougher
and nothing I do
will make me equal to you

but this is just a dream
I still feel everything

laughter, smiles and stronger times

and I know what you'd say
I know what this portrays
and it's a sick joke
for all that this amounts to
because in the end
this life was never about you
Nearth179 Nearth179
Sep 2, 2011