Crippling Aspiration - Aristocrat Style

We are bores and well played tricks,
pathetic aristocrats, the gratuitous ******.

We laugh and we chuckle, we giggle and gloat,
gross little cherubs, with the wits of a stoat.

Unelected and incompetent, that is for sure,
painful parasites, the electorate must endure.

Wealth and position we have accumulated not earned,
cheating the tax payer, the honest, most spurned.

We will raucously cackle like an old crone,
cutting your welfare right to the bone. 

Our ideology and mayhem created through lies,
demonizing the vulnerable and those we despise.

Welfare reform we persistently say rank while
starving the poor and feeding the Bank.

A Social genocide from our masters and thankers,
the obscenely rich, those incestuous Bankers. 

We will promise you everything as our policy portrays,
while destroying your aspirations, till the end of your days.

{Simple idea .. You avoid Tax - We avoid Austerity}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 18, 2011

so sad . . . so true . . .