Inside Out

Inside Out

If we are constant within change
like the Sun which remains
bright even in secret at night
not only upon it's rising
then contentment is supreme
without the weeds of desire
clogging the portal of awareness
Blind allegiance selfish and uncaring
will never rise up to the heights
Gradual development is the surest way
where as prompt delivery
gained in haste is soon wasted
If you know the firing process
for the gold elixer of illumination
then you have the quality of humilty
with great power in virtue
This is the Spirit of Tao
not detached but engaged on principle

This Burden

I did not ask for this burden
when one becomes two
In a moment
everything changes
that is when a teacher is needed
- chop wood carry water -
this is only the beginning
As the old Shaman will tell his
'I am sorry that you have become
Now get back to work'
Waking up is nothing
living it free and undetected
in a world without vision
that is the challenge
How do you speak a laungage
that has no words?

In The Dark

We can live in the dark
without a spark
And call this the light
We can live all our life
In obediance to ignorance
and call this divine
We can worship our own
intelligence and believe
that what we achieve
is worth the price
Who is at the helm?
We are a nation of fools
In a world spun out of control
In our bid for power
Without honor or humility
there is no impeccability
We neglect the totality
of the Self

ToltecLogic ToltecLogic
Sep 24, 2011