Moon Flowers...

I put all that I am into this landscape
all of my airloom shrubs and roses,
bulbs and exotic grasses and together
we bought and added ever more
thinking our love was greater than
this bad economy... three acres and
a completely remodeled home, bird
feeders and wild life galore, 125 more
acres of wood land just out our back door,
wild turkey, deer and bob cat free to roam
dance at night and in the early morning light
we thought our love was greater than this
bad economy... moon flowers bloom in the
fading light and fade at the rising dawn
and our love was not stronger than
this bad economy...
ToltecLogic ToltecLogic 51-55 2 Responses Sep 30, 2011

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Never been to Oklahoma, but I hear it is nice there.

I suppose the most difficult thing now is waiting

for this lease to won contract to run out... It is

confronting to know that all our hard work willl live

on. Weeping cherry, cork screw willow and yaupon

holly, ~ boxwood, azaleas, rhododendrom, Saint

John's Wart and sage,ect. This place was like a

blank slate due to excavations. It is exactly what we

both had always wanted, kinda. But something was

missing and now we are ready to just let go and

move on, not the sort of place I could sustain on

my own - though deep down,I hate to loose it.

Good thing we held off on purchase...

The place sounds like heaven on earth. I had moon flowers growing at my old house in Oklahoma. That love didn't last, either. But it wasn't the moon flowers' fault. :0]