Harm To Yourself

Run to your room

Slam the door

Turn up the music

Fall to the floor

Scream in yourself

Let no-one hear

Tell no secrets

Show no fear

Grab the knife

No-one will care

Pull back your sleeve

Your arm in bare

Lay the blade against Your Skin

Pushing hard the pain will Begin

Not enough…

You dig down deep

Pain subsides….

Blood Starts to seep

Your head clears

What have you done?

You throw the knife

And begin to run

You run from life

But inside you know

You’ll have to return

And let nothing show!

DarkenedAngel DarkenedAngel
22-25, F
8 Responses Oct 1, 2011

this is amazing and i love it!!! i've actually been called emo because of what i wear, but its not true!!!!!!

Thankyou & As For Being Called "Emo" I Shouldn't Worry About It- It's Just A Name- i Don't Believe In Sterotyping- I Will Admit I Am Quite Emo But i Believe Everybody Is Different So They Cannot Be Put Into Categories- So Remember You Are Not Emo But You Are YOU & You Are UNIQUE & Thats What Makes Us All Special :')

awww!!! youre so sweet!!!!!!

I Think Understanding Is Important Whether You Do It Yourself- You Know Someone Who Does Or Just Because- Its Nice To Know That Others Don't Just Think It As Stupid- Thanks :)

i understand the desire to bring the pain from the inside to the outside.

Thankyou So Much- It Must Be Hard For A Parent To See Their Kids Hurting- I'm Lucky Enough For Mine To Not Noitice- i'm Getting Stronger Now & I'm Learning To Live With My Scars (both Visual & Emotional) Thanks For All The Nice Words About My Poem- It Was Just Thrown Together At Some Late Hour But Means Alot :')

@ UpOnDaRoof- I'm Afraid I Did Experience This- But It's Made Me Stronger- This Poem Shows That Self Harmers Aren't Stupid But Are Looking For An Escape From Life

Darkangel - I hope you actually didn't do this... Deep, very deep.

Very good writing and I like how it rhymes :)

Thankyou =')