Kids Feel Love-poem

Let the rain fall down,
as our hearts combine,
the universe so still,
as our hands lie linked.
Beside me you stand,
to catch me if I fall.
My dear saviour,
you protect my heart tenderly.

I would cross stars and galaxies.
You've seen my scars,
and you stood by me.
With every breath I take,
you're there gracefully.
You're voice so soft,
like a angel playing a harp.
Your lips so smooth,
as they touch mine.
That's when I knew,
you would be mine forever.

I dream the sweetest dreams,
of you in my dear arms.
The lust, the love, the kiss we made.
I gave you my soul,
you gave me yours.
Our hearts exchanged for each others.
The deep swirling pools of dark oceans hide in your eyes,
the simple breeze as you walk past me.
The wind as it blows against your hair.
We are young,
we are kids,
but we know what love is when we are in it.

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
Nov 5, 2011