Just a New One Without a Name...

you let me lean on you
when they yelled
and when things got broken
and i got scared
you siad
"i'll always be there"
and when i lost my temper
you held me close until
all my anger was gone
and when i became lost
you provided me with a map
and when i cried
you dryed my tears
and when i was in pain
you let me scream
but when you became scared
you left me behind.
when you needed someone
you didnt let me in
thats when i needed you.
when i needed you the very most.

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
18-21, F
14 Responses Apr 2, 2008

lol. i look forward to the day that i figure out just how it should sound.lol. =+]

i look forward to it.

i cant figure out how i want it to sound, but when i do i'll let you know. =+]

well you tell me what sort of music you want and i will make it and send it to you.

its ok, its one of those things that i like have to do on my own. <br />
thanx bunches and bunches for offering to help tho'.<br />
if you want to write some music for it you most certainly can. idk what kind of music i want to set it to yet. =+]

i can make it happen if you want it to happen... and as QuixoticKidEternity pointed out you might want to put it to music so if you want i can help with that as well. =) X

lol. it would be nice to put out a book, but i dont think that it will ever happen.<br />
thanx tho'.

wow thats beautiful. you should bring out a book.

thank you. i really dont like poetry at all.lol.(sorry my computer wont let me reply to anything you send me)

wow thats amazing. i'm not usually a fan of poetry but i really like this.

it makes perfect sense. i have done that before as well.

well then by-golly-gee set it to music!.lol.<br />
thank you. i didnt think that it had any intensity much less lots of COOL intensity.lol.

I like it! Lots of cool intensity. It should be set to music.

yes it is true all to often, but it does not have anything at all to do with me really. it was just in my head so i wrote it out. i have been thinking about it all day and i had to get it out of my head.<br />
thank you by the way i thought that it wasnt as good as the rest of my poems tho.