The Beautiful Red Colour

I want to see the redness escape my skin,
all my worries gone from within.
each drop has a feeling
without ways of healing.

i want to die
sleep forever, maybe even reach ther sky!
i have all reasons to go,
but i can i though?

im sick of faking my happiness,
im sick of all this awfulness,
sick of living this life of bitterness.

my heart is screaming
im not dreaming
i have no other escape
but to take the path of red with my cape

i want to slit my wrists my wrists and bleed out
UmbraEyes UmbraEyes
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 13, 2011

A very good piece of art albeit depressing. I especially liked the correlation in your 'red cape' line to the spray of blood. Please stay safe, it would be a waste to lose such a fine artist.

i have stopped cutting, this is actually a few months old this poem, but i wanted to group all my poems together in this group

That is very good to hear and I can definitely understand wanting to group your poetry together in one place. Months though, is no time at all to a poet, I share pieces sometimes a decade old. ;) Regardless, stay safe.

thank you dont worry im trying to :)