No More Bruises

And so its come to this …… Our lives thrown across a courtroom floor.
All the damage – exposed … its no longer a secret… no longer just between us.
And at night when I lay my head down, and turn toward your pillow – where now the children sleep.
I wonder if it hurts you just as much.
Your way with words always tore through me like a dagger
Your fists clenched --- ready waiting for the war to begin.
And I look across at you – lawyers between us and I can breathe
Knowing that words and fists no longer have a place in my home.
Its time to start again ---- leave you and the past behind.
Our future in tatters lying on the floor – as I did so many nights before.
Good bye to the monster of the night. Hello to a future that will never bruise me again.
TaintedPixie TaintedPixie
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 16, 2011

Time heals! leave the love you once had in place! and you will have peace!