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I once had a freind who I loved to talk to but now to her I am forgotten
I had a freind as a boy I would play with but now to him I am forgotten
I used to not have worries and my only care was how to be happy
I know that is sounds kinda sappy
I used to rember how to make them care
I used to think life was fair
I used to laugh and sing and dance
I think I would again given half a chance
but life has a way of taking the fun
and killing it with fear and hate like a gun
I once wanted to make the world a better place
but now it seems I wear a darker face
my Innocence has been forgotten
I only pray it is not my hope that is soon forgotten
calvinunmaker calvinunmaker 31-35, M 5 Responses Nov 28, 2011

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I wish *hope will always be with you....

I Love this. It's so true, people on this planet forget that we're here for just a short time and take so much for granted. I'll never forget. Thank you for sharing. :)

sure thanks for reading it I think as we grow most of our inner children die I am trying to keep mine alive and well

Ha ha My inner child is plotting to kill my outer adult. ;P

I like that a lot I might use it later


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I understand completely <br />
sometimes words can turn empty over time

that is very insiteful and it is nice to be understood for a change

i wont forget your kind words to me! you are not easily forgotten sweetheart!

it is easy when it is true


Noooooo! I will never forget you, calvinumaker. I will always be there if you need someone to talk to mate :D (Even though I know this poem isn't anywhere near me haha) <br />
<br />
Awesome poem by the way, reminds me of a song my little sister would play occasionally called -- "Don't Forget" - Demi Lovato random I know lol.<br />
<br />
Anyways, have an awesome day. ^_^

thanks for that I am glad to know you