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Let Me....

Let me love you
Let me show you how good we could be
Don't push me away don't walk away 
If you give me time I will show you how beautiful we could be
I know you're scared and I am too but I already feel soo much for you
Let me take away the pain and stress from you, is it too much to ask
to wanna feel you and heal you
I need you like I need air to breath
Just Let me love you baby
Let me take your hand and help you understand
It's ok that you feel the way that you do
That no matter where you go near or far
I'll always be that bright star
Let me teach you how to open your heart
to the happiness only I can bring
Let me show you that I love you
and I would never cause you pain
I'll be there even in the pouring rain
If you want me to go you have to say so
I can't promise I won't look back but
I can promise you will always regret that
You didn't just Let ME LOVE YOU...
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 11 Responses Dec 1, 2011

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That is a beautifully written poem that deserves to be published. Extraordinary!

That's so very kind of you to say. Thank You very Much!! :-)

fortune favours the brave, and it is only a brave ,courageous person who would truly appreciate your gifts!

AWWW thanks Neil!! That is so true...:-)

I hope that you are keeping your writings, they will makes a wonderful book!

RD thank you!! You are to kind!! :-)

Thank You PT I'm glad you like it!! :-)

Thats beautiful. I hope i can find a lady with as much love as you described. That would be beautiful.

I hope you find a lady to show you all that love and passion too!! Thank you for your comments!

sexy lips

What does this comment have to do with the story?

great words from the Diva :-)

Thank You so much!! :-)

I'm swept away by your words again.....why aren't you published girl...? ;)

Girl from your lips to God's ears..You know how bad I want that!! Thank you for always supporting me! I truly appreciate it my friend!! :-)

I totally agree with BF you need to be published. Your words moved me and like BG just swept away with the kind of love giving and receiving that you mentioned.

WOW!! Thank You so Much for the kind words!! :-)

Thanks FB :-)

Awww..thanks!! :-)

very nice!