In Two Pieces

it hard to be in love with some one

when your heart is two pieces

and you don't know what you want

and who you want

i am in two pieces

trying not cry

because i am two pieces

kaylatheanimegirl3 kaylatheanimegirl3
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2011

Maybe you are not in two pieces... maybe there is only the allure of the dark and the allure of the light... you know that one would be a wrong choice, and you know the other would be a right choice... and because you choose to rebel against the light, the darkness seems more alluring than it should be... just because you are afraid to be honest to yourself about the RIGHT CHOICE, about the RIGHT HEART, because you only FEAR THE RIGHT CHOICE, due to the intensity and emotional maturity it would entail... you could be afraid to TAKE CONTROL, making a stand... because it is too comfortable to act dumb, when you know what is the right thing to do...

thank you lots this has help me alot :P