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Behind every dark alley
Is a light waiting to shine (through).
Behind every lost soul
There’s a story to be told.
How we can’t let go of the things that hurt us most.
Too wait a life time to be heard,
By someone who doesn’t even listen (to what’s said)
Blinded by selfishness,
Always given the pain of others,
Behind every tear,
Is a child once filled with life.
Never ready for the fight to come.
If only we could see,
The pain this life can bring
So I stand here,
And pour my heart out.
Watch you witness me,
As you’ve never seen before.
The raw emotions (from within),
You couldn’t understand,
But need to hear.
To see what’s within,
A black hole where my heart once stayed.
Now to live in this eternal daze,
Never to cherish the moments,
Always fighting my way through the day.
Only to have the darkness consume at the end
Of the night.
Trying to make it in a world,
That wants to see me fail.
invisibleandbroken invisibleandbroken 18-21, F Dec 26, 2011

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