Falling In Love Again

So this is the third poem I've posted, first one probably four months. I wrote this poem a while back about the girl that I never met yet.

Where did the day go, it started so slow, I thought I was lost had knowhere to go. Now I feel up instead of so low, You make my soul glow, You've helped me to grow.

Play with me from day until night, Run with me, our souls will take flight. Come with me on a warm night in June, Walk with me by the light of the moon, Than we'll lie in bed near the fire and spoon.

Hide with me under the tree, Release with me and we can be free. Together share this time with me, Wondering where our lives will be, Perhaps someday you'll marry me.

Share this time with me, let me take you away, I don't want to go, I want to stay. I feel everything we have is so right, I'm yours, I won't put up a fight, I want to stay in your arms tonight.

Don't let me pass a good thing by, Don't let me question how or why. Just let me take good care of you, You're the one for me, I'm not a fool, All that's left to say is, I love you.


SoMuchToSay SoMuchToSay
36-40, M
Apr 14, 2008