Sic Semper Uranus.

Pyramids and triangles
isoceles or scalene
green or blue
sharp or flat
old or new
a battered bus stop in peoria,
a bum cadging cigarettes
a fat man at mcdonalds ordering quarter pounders
with extra cheese
the moon is bloody
rising over the bay of bengal
the wolves of the sea
grey shadows
travelling in packs
the smell of a perfumed woman
oddly erotic
in a pentacostal church filled with crow's, owls, and cobwebs
the universe is a balloon filled with time
and time is leaking out
nights getting longer
conversations getting shorter
gin is drier
olives are saltier
peanuts are still philosophical
roaches and fleas
vermin of all sorts
dumpster diving
fighting with the sea gulls
for day old doughnuts
the pakistani store owner is threatening
between cat's and dog's
black and white
yes and no
roses in the snow
pinkish grey
steam rises from the hot springs
naked people bathing
hairless, and hairy
civilized, and uncivilized
the planet smiles cynically
robots and computers
going to the stars
quiet at last
in his grave,
a silent goodbye.
coloroutoftime coloroutoftime 51-55, M Dec 30, 2011

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