Beautiful Lie

resisting the pull, (she's falling again )
(guilt envelops her), (falling. again.)
condemns those traitorous thoughts, (spiralling downward and drowning)
angrily rejects them, (in those all-consuming waves)

mother and father are happily married, (underlying bickering cleverly concealed)
dad works late, overtime, (a drowning alcoholic (okay, perhaps a little harsh))
spoiling often, and expensively, (indulging in materialism to keep the guilt at bay)
mom with her unconditional love, (she's had it till here, frustrated, silently depressed and)
and support, a shoulder to count on, (threatening to leave)

loyal friends, supportive, (too many unspoken secrets)
trusted and much loved, (swimming in the superficiality)

herself? no traces of drugs, (considered it seriously, once)
erratic behaviour, or depression, (and remember that half-hearted attempt at suicide?)
the absolute american dream, (but the walls are crumbling)
white picket fence, the entire package, (falling apart on the inside)

no, everything is perfect, (maybe too perfect…)

a beautiful lie, to just stay afloat
SilentEnigma SilentEnigma
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2012