I'll tell you a tale that is shades of my life
Of something that happened to me and my wife
When you find yourself thinking? I'm just giving up
It could be half full if you could just find your cup

I know I should care if someone somewhere
Has no food or water or medicine there
But when the bailiffs come knocking I struggle you see
To think of anything except you hiding with me

Each time there's a knock or the bell rings ding dong
My heart beats so wildly I thought I was strong?
But all of this stress, now it's taking it's toll
I fear for my sanity, my spirit, my soul

How do we fix this you ask in despair
Won't anyone help us? Does nobody care
So we hide in the dark lest the light may be seen
Afraid that what's coming is worse than it's been

We look to the heavens for inspirational aid
We both must be lucid or the message will fade
Then where do we turn to to give us some help
The bell goes again and this time I yelp

Way back in high school there was nothing too hard
That couldn't be fixed with a scrap in the yard
Bloodied and battered you'd grin at your foe
Then you would be friends it just goes to show

Where is that boy so brave and so strong
Who put all his problems into poem or song
Where is his strength now you need it today
The ex wife? She hurt him and he went away

I'm disgusted to think that this is the end
No more running or trying to pretend
That everything’s peachy when clearly it's not
I'll open the door now. Lets see what he's got

He's really not scary? In fact just a man
Who will bleed if I hurt him but that's a bad plan
He'll be back with more bailiffs and maybe police
Then she'll be alone. Will this pain never cease

Then fortune she smiled a glimmer a chance
To save the day and make us dance
Yet smile brightly she did and we paid our grand
To our bankruptcy hearing we went hand in hand

An excellent man who was also the judge
Listened to us and didn't begrudge
The chance of a clean slate a debt free new start
The relief was intense and it snuggled my heart

Now a year later and things are alright
We're careful with money even though things are tight
We don't owe the bad men who come in the night
So just keep believing and it'll turn out just right

A message of hope that I'm sending you now
If you're there in the dark don't bend break or bow
Try and stay sane with a positive view
Just say what you need and it may just come true

LycanSky 2012
LycanSky LycanSky
41-45, M
Jan 13, 2012