Its Sooo Stress Relieving

 I used to write poetry all the time wheni was younger ... I did more when i was a teenager and i was severely depressed  because i was told not to cry so much as a child .. I had to find another release for my anguish .   But i still write when im sad just not as often .
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I agree completely. I also learned to keep it inside, which contributed to or caused depression.

I usually am only inspired to write when I am going through a really bad time. And it definitely helps.

It is so unfortunate that parents tell there children to change their attitudes and stop acting out when majority of the time they are only emulating their parents bad attributes. Listen, poetry is a great outlet for of ex<x>pression, without a doubt. However, you should still be able to speak your mind and not feel as though your emotions aren't worth addressing. Everybody gets hurt and everybody deals with situations throughout their lives that seem insurmountable, but eliminating communication is only a jump start to creating a very depressed person. Talk it out, write it out, and when all else fails I go to the gym and work it out :) Hey it doesn't work for all, but it does for me.

I also must admit that I seem to do some of my best writing when I'm sad, depressed, or love-starved. I haven't been able to master writing when I'm angry though.

i do the same, and it is now my hobby : ) though mostly sad poems, it helps you allot heh.

yeah im the same, when im angry/depressed/whatever i come out with the best ones. <br />
<br />
and that just cheers me up..<br />
<br />
a little bit.

i used to find myself writing the best poems when i was angry and depressed not i cant seem to write a descent poem

I have found writing to come in handy to release many pent up emotions... "better out than in!"

I feel like im reading some think i wrote myself, i too have written for many years on and off starting from being a child, its usually when ive been stressed and heart broken that i manage to write, ive been lucky enough to have a few poems published not for money though, i had one published in a book of poetry anthology. id love to eventually be able to have my own book of poetry published, but i really understand where your coming from in using your talent to write to release your anguish your heart ache and your stress, i was a child that couldnt always cry out for help so i suffered alot in silence an my own therapy was to write, even if it was writing about my bad past. best of luck with your poetry.

I've been considering doing a self published book on amazon. Shouldn't be too costly doing an ebook.

It's funny how sad times enable us to dig deep into our souls for inspiration in writing poetry. I used to do the same thing. I looked back at some of my writings from the years before college and found some rather deep things being poured out onto the paper. I don't remember being a troubled kid, but maybe I was.