Chaotis Comatose

Wandering about a nightmare
Observing the sights of lovely memories,
That eat you up and laugh as they chew them to bits...

A torn somnambulist losing sight
Paradise, he lives in for his life
A slumber to forget, he wishes
Out of this chaotic comatose

Uneasy, arisen from sleep
Still amongst his dream
He sews his lips shut
So he can't scream
The only one who can hear him is me

"Wage futile hopes
I'll murder them on sight
Don't even try your witchcraft,
I am the still, dead night"

His message, unspoken
Interpreted by me
The one who sold you
My new-found happiness

Without it, what do I have?
I handed my life to you.
It cost you your future...

For you to be my wife, bear my children and live like we're dying every single day.....
SnowAngelSilver SnowAngelSilver
Feb 15, 2012