I Blamed You

Whenever something went wrong i looked at you,
i kissed your lips and i blamed you.
I saw my life just standing still,
i hugged you tightley and i blamed you.

I tried to run but you were always there,
i told myself i didnt care,
i turned around and saw your pain there,
i hugged and kissed you and told you i'd be there.

I threw away what made me smile,
I'd fool us both for a while,
then i'd feel the anger come up like bile,
i'd hate you again under the smile.

I saw my escape open through a war,
i knew if i didnt run i would never more,
i still care but i know what for,
i blamed you but not anymore.
misshideaway misshideaway
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2012

your words tell a story, each time you write you get what's happening on the inside out into the open and what once was secret is no more. I love the way you write only wish you didn't have so much pain in your life.

I can relate so much to the pain behind the smile. The blame put where it is due and yet we continue to smile. I love reading your poems. You also put into words what I have felt in my life. Thank you.

thank you for reading them, im glad someone else can relate xxx