My Plea To You

Eyes well up with lonely tears,
heart painfully beating against my cage,
All alone being plagued by fears,
Just another chapter, another page,

A talk that again turns to row,
Splitting my brain and soul in two,
Im learning to breath which is difficult now,
feeling im only hurting you,

Im fighting against my exhausted mind,
To hold on and save him,
But am I strong enough to bind,
All thats broken within him?

Im here right now and I've pleaded,
For you to take my hand,
For in time you will see everything you needed,
starts from where you stand,

Why won't you see you need this,
To live your own life and more,
where is the brother I love and miss,
why won't you just open the door?
FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
22-25, F
8 Responses Feb 25, 2012

I have one brother. This was touching.

thank you for the rate ups :)

Powerful, quite sad. Very well written.

So very sad... very emotional... You can feel the pain...

FromTheHeartOfaWoman.... you somehow seem to be my kindred spirit. I have also written poetry , very similar to yours, always in a time of great despair.<br />
I so hope you find the the outcome you seek.... :)

Your very kind

Well done. Your writing conveys strong emotions and a need to send your message beyond just today. I hope you find your brother and save him.

Emotional. Powerful.

That means a lot x

nicely written

Thank you much appreciated