Daddy I didn't want you to see me cry
the first time I saw fear in your eyes
All my life you've always been strong
and I didn't realize for so long
that your strong cold look was there for me
and without it, we would not be "we"

I think of how hard it was for you
to never let your fear show thru
so unsure of what life would bring
but you always knew one special thing
when all is lost we were never alone
cause where there's love we had a home

Daddy, your love was always enough
we had arms to hold us when times got tough
you taught me that riches they come and go
but love is forever and I'm not letting go

but I can't forget that cold February night
the way you held my hand so tight
your eyes told me, I need you to be strong
because I'm scared and all my strength is gone
oh how I wanted to take your pain
so I could see my daddy again

that is when I saw the light
that the pain you suffered on that night
was all the pain you wished from us
you held it so long it became too much
I just want you to know, I know
you've made me strong and helped me grow

you gave me wings, to fly again
and when I fell you took the pain
I know that god is proud of you
cause you did just what he sent you to do
but you did it in your own beautiful way
and heavens smiling down today
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
13 Responses Feb 28, 2012

What a beautifull poem like writeing a story I could feel like I had met your Dad and what a wonderfull person he was. Thank you.

Your ability to write emotions is vast....:)

The height of this poem is unmeasurable, the Dad is the father of my dreamms, making this poem on earth seems unbelievable, but I know it's there because I just read it.

That is so lovely.. I know how you are feeling. It is awesome when you have a father who is strong and supportive. Heres to the dads! *cheers*

*cheers* :)

Wow, I am so touched and impressed by you both!!!! May the rewards in all this far out weigh the pain that this does entail for you both.

Your Dad sounds like a great man and is obviously very much respected by you.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your words - I enjoyed reading them :)

There is never a day that goes by that I do not love and admire the person you have become. The gift of a grandson to bring life forward, your pain and struggles in life as you emerge from learning and put it all to the test of Life and all it has to offer.<br />
<br />
How could a person who loves you get so caught up in themselves that they cant see the true beauty that you shine on this planet on a daily basis, I hope california was good enough for you the real looser in this all.<br />
<br />
Words just fail to bring the feeling from reading this my dear daughter, the tears are the truth<br />
<br />

I love you Ali &lt;3 yoou are my hero my mentor and my best friend I hoped you would be able to read this. I have not been able to do my yearly birthday cards recently and share with you the appreciation I feel for you. I hope today is another good day! Every day I get to have you and you're wonderful influence in mine is a beautiful day! Luvs N hugs &gt;.

Great work with great ex<x>pression ! Excellent job,<br />
"Father is a gardener who takes care us.<br />
My wife is pregrant 5 months.I will become father in July month.I oath ,I take care my child much better and prove myself as a best father.

I became a mother on 9-20-10 of a beautiful healthy baby boy. My husband and I are having a blast! I bet you will be a wonderful father, it is a fun and trying adventure but worth every night awake and worth every worry through you're mind &lt;3

yup,I agree with you.Thanks you very much.You are a girl of emotional and sensational.*I like you.Will you be my friend forever ? If you don;t mind

wow, that peom is amazing. its so well written, i didnt wanna stop reading!!!

thank you :)


I'm sure he is proud of you. I would be. We nevere know how strong we really are until we are tested.<br />
<br />
I believe you passed...;-)

Wow! You have a gift.... reminded me of so many feelings I have had for my parents that I somehow have suppressed within me....<br />
<br />
Keep writing... You have a new fan today....

That is such a beautiful poem! It makes me misty-eyed. It reminds me of how much I miss my father.

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful father.

Thank you...My father was both a mother and father to me and i share my appreciation for him as a person in many ways :) He helped us 4 kids through everything and has never stopped for that i am forever grateful &lt;3