The Person You See:

I am that wave of emotion
That broken yet whole heart
I am the unseen, but one who is to be seen
One who lives in a world just trying to be a part
I am that girl who can't possibly fit in
But who could look beyond this generation

Though each step I may take, may bring me to another world
But the air I breath is much more pure then those around me

I am not the one who calls for help, but the one who always helps unwillingly
I am the one who brings compassion to heal
The one who understands your truest misery

I am the tears, when you can't seem to cry any longer
The shoulder you know you can lean on, even when I myself, am broken

The person you see is one like no other
Cause this girl is more than a plastic film that has been reused, over & over
I am not the girl who just blends in
But the girl who will someday change the world
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
Mar 1, 2012