I Loved A Man Who Didn't Love Me

I loved a man who didn't love me.
How can this be?

I loved a man who didn't love me
That's plain to see
He told me once, he told me twice
Would it count if he told me thrice?

I still love him
But who is he now?
The guy I met
many years hence
Who once was nice
Then turned to a louse.
Which one was real?
Which one a heel?.

He cut me off
right out of his life.
Said to me, "I'll call the police.
If near to me you dare do come".
I gave him up, but not for real.
He lives in me. He is who I am.
I became a part of him
I bonded with him.
Chord to Chord.
Now I can't cut it
of my own accord.

What will I do to spend my days?
I miss him so, I'm still amazed.

He I trusted in his ways.
Thought he was loyal, kind and smart
Then he turned into a jerk

The told he has over me
It's not fair, a mystery.
Who is this guy? A fantasy.
Never real, only a dream.
Play-pretend that he's my friend.

The truth is there
plain to see
I write him daily.
I pretend he is my friend.

Three years later
I still write, though he's been out of sight.

How can I play this silly dream.
and think I'm somehow sane?
The moral of the story is
When love steps in
Real thought leaves.

by Velvetflow


velvetflow velvetflow
66-70, F
Mar 16, 2012