Poems Relieve Stress

I write poetry because I find it is healthy way to relieve stress or make sense of the world.  I suppose some people like to exercise, paint, play the Xbox  or watch tv.  This is what to try to find some form of balance.  I was having a painful day at work and it was just getting me down.  This is not exciting stuff - work that is - just being a stats driven work slave and all the vagaries that go with it  So I wrote a poem about being a dyslexic adult worker and pettiness of the corporate jungle.

I don’t do petty
I don’t do lies
I don’t do kniving
Someone who is innocent
To survive.

I don’t do bitchy
I don’t do spite
You may think
You have the right.

I don’t want to be
Part of the
Whom that like to politic
With two faced lies
The group that cries
Invariablely ends
up alone.

Seahorse Seahorse
41-45, F
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Very good poem. :)

I really know where you're coming from, Tania.

I can identify, I think it helps me deal with stress and emotions, because writing lets me release the feelings of emotion and sometimes stress that I'm feeling.

omg i love it and it does suck to be dyslexic in a world that hasn't yet accepted it

I do the very same thing when I'm at work. I do love my work, but at times it is stressful. There is always some politics about our jobs that seems to get in the way of enjoying it to the fullest. So many times on my breaks, I will take out a note book and write down whatever is bothering me. I know this helps me with my days. So good for you. This piece sounds very much like one of those times requiring a quick stress release.

Hi for me poetry is not a stress relief; but I find it a way of communiting messages to people, and for people who understand the meaning can interpert and relate poetry to their own personal lives and meanings. <br />
poetry which also can have a deeper meaning and by the right words can reach peoples most inner thoughts emotions fears and joys, bringing out the deepest emotions within ourselves we somethings dont want to talk about but we know what we feel. Inner peace calm and no more fear.

I completely agree with this! This is a lovely poem and, like you, I feel completely and totally better when I write out my thoughts.

I agree whole-heartly! I was told as a kid to write down my feelings, I have always struggled with really communicating how I really feel inside, so writting seemed a good way, they actually called it "journally". and some how a few made it to "poem" status.

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