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My Struggle

Sometime I feel trapped; 
Held by hands that pull me down.
They prevent me from escaping this place,
and secure till my rise to grace.

Even as I pull and yank the chord,
I am given nowhere to go but forward.
Even as I fall flat on my face,
An unforeseen force pulls me back into place.

Ah, how I wish for the freedom of the air.
To float alone with peace everywhere.
Even in the escape of my dreams,
A place like this I have yet to see.

I feel like a stranger here on this earth,
A part of it, yet I do not know my worth.
Even as I cry in pain from this life,
I continue on through the strife.

I feel so much, yet not enough.
For the ones whose lives are so tough.
I feel so bad for those i cannot help.
This pain tears me down like a falling well.

I wish for this feeling of uselessness to go away,
As I watch my friends struggle with life each day.
I hide this hidden war away,
And I kneel with my sword in the ground, struggling to stay.
akaia akaia 22-25, F 1 Response Apr 4, 2012

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ur theme and feel is really good. i felt a kind of identification with you regarding ur desire to get freedom of air in peaceful space.your soul is one of those who have some kind of realization.groom this soul with pure emptiness then it would b able to fly in the air without bondages of unseen spell of body.wishing u best of luck.