My Struggle

Sometime I feel trapped; 
Held by hands that pull me down.
They prevent me from escaping this place,
and secure till my rise to grace.

Even as I pull and yank the chord,
I am given nowhere to go but forward.
Even as I fall flat on my face,
An unforeseen force pulls me back into place.

Ah, how I wish for the freedom of the air.
To float alone with peace everywhere.
Even in the escape of my dreams,
A place like this I have yet to see.

I feel like a stranger here on this earth,
A part of it, yet I do not know my worth.
Even as I cry in pain from this life,
I continue on through the strife.

I feel so much, yet not enough.
For the ones whose lives are so tough.
I feel so bad for those i cannot help.
This pain tears me down like a falling well.

I wish for this feeling of uselessness to go away,
As I watch my friends struggle with life each day.
I hide this hidden war away,
And I kneel with my sword in the ground, struggling to stay.
akaia akaia
22-25, F
Apr 4, 2012