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Sometimes it would be nice to hear another voice besides my own, sometimes it would be good to reach out in the darkness and feel someone else besides me. I try to talk to you but the words don’t come out the way I want them to. When I think of you there is a sickness and emptiness in the pit of my stomach, yes I could tell you how I feel but you would laugh it off and I couldn’t take that right now. Too much pain too many old wounds buried deep inside me the poison seeping through my body corrupting everything it touches. I would like to hold out my hand and say I love you, but I’m not sure I’m worthy of anyone’s love let alone yours. No I can’t love myself but I can still find it within myself to love others, I no longer care about myself but I still care about you. What has been done to me. What part of my soul was ripped from me in my childhood and how can I recover that which has been lost for so long. I am broken shattered like a glass thrown to the floor then glued back together, but some vital piece was lost so I can never be whole again.
nobody54 nobody54 56-60, M Apr 7, 2012

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