Never Told

If one day you look into my eyes.
Into my soul and past the lies.
Look past the wall that's no emotion.
I sit and cry but I don't know why.
All my feelings have gone to die.
My love for you, I tried not to show.
The more i tried, the more it would grow.
I couldn't show you how much I care.
I never proved it, you're so unaware.
But believe me when I say, I'll never go away.
Can't you see you're not alone?
The lonely pains of a broken heart seem like a life of endless wait.
But when I see a dove, I am reminded of your love.
Its a new feeling, causing no sadness or pain.
In my own ignorance I never said this enough.
I Love You.
36-40, M
1 Response Apr 11, 2012

I love that awesome it is hard not shed tears from that i can feel that and am trying to hold my emotions in on that one