Being Pregnant

Do you know what god gave me?, he gave me a mouth to feed.

He placed within my tummy a magic little seed.

He said here my girl heres a baby for you to grow of your own, to feed and take care of, to teach and prepare it to survive, when its grown into an adult, it will go off and venture this world.

Explore the universe and maybe become a nurse, there when it is a nurse, will help all of mother nature, and deliver un to us another living creature.

For mother you of course was my loving teacher.

missjune missjune
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8 Responses Apr 3, 2007

Awwwwwwww,this is such a sweet poem,Love it!

Love it, very flowing and sweet.

love this :)

thank you very much if any of you use facebook i have a poetry page called POETRY AND MEANING..there are all sorts of stuff on there for you to have a look at if u want feel free to join.xx

Very beautiful. I love it.

thnk you kindly for ur comments.x

Very nice poem, ty so much for sharing

I can't describe my feelings on this. I guess I'm getting a sentimental moment, cause my chest and eyes just swelled!( Near to tears!) I gave it a high five!