Revelations Of The Soul

Hearken my words, listen to my tale.
One of good fortune, not one for sale.
Brought unto this world in modest light,
born to parents of anger and plight.
Raised in mayhem of a violent brood.
A loving mother, a father of mood.
Rage and violence was the way of their life
Childhood in sadness and miserable strife.
Growing in the pain fields, life was so rough
Maturing in tolerance, being hardened and tough.
Focus and gravitas became my shield,
learning of weaknesses for power to wield.
As I grew older wealth and wisdom prevailed,
consuming and materialism no longer detailed.
Strength and a character so forceful and shy,
changing lightness to darkness, in the blink of eye.
My world is incomplete and holds many secrets.
Some may say skill sets other say defects.
Respected by many and feared by a few.
Those who do know me will say I speak true.
One of these days my heart will rekindle it`s truth,
redefining lost love from previous youth.
Until this day, I will stand as I am.
A compassionate predator and honourable
{Opening old wounds to see if they have healed}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
4 Responses Apr 20, 2012

Alright, so far, I've found my favorite poem that you've written and this is it. I love the dichotomy in this poem, such as Skill sets vs Defects and the compassionate predator! Definitely draws the reader into the mystery of the speaker. Nice work!

I really love this piece I like to read poems and prose that have rhythm and rhyme and even flow very powerful

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it :)

good flow, deep, honest...touching, wise...beautiful.

Nicely written :)