Mind Of The Trickster

I lie back to ponder some strange new thought.
It plays in my mind like a new toy just bought.
Wheelie and shiny it whirls around.
Like a spinning top spun, to a mysterious sound.
The idea emerges and it’s seeds thrown to sow,
building block words now start to grow.
Concept and structure quietly evolve,
imbued with illusion; subtle puzzles to solve.
Drafted and toned to a musical score,
delighting its audience, who desire only more.
{Fabricating Reality}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
1 Response Apr 24, 2012

{Reality} is an illusion caused by a lack of drink and drugs.

Pulls the tab on a pepsi, swigs down a handfull of vitamin pills......Wooooohahh !!! what a rush :)

Unfortunately for me the only highs I get these days do come from caffeine and vitamin pills *sigh*

LOL ... Sometimes I will go all out on `Seven Seas` ... I can be gone for days.


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