More Of A Story, My Horror Story.

Stephanie was taking a long walk in the half dead forest, with all the grey fog seeming to follow her in every direction. She had a foreboding feeling, and couldn't help to turn around every few minutes to check if anything was out of the ordinary, and it wasn't. All she heard was her heavy feet disturbing the pale bark. Steph wished she'd hear someone. A sign of life in these dead woods.
That's when she started hearing painful moaning to her left, yet she saw nothing through the freakishly thick mist. It was as if the mist itself was trying to protect her, the forest warning her to get out.  She had a foreboding sense of hurt, yet her rebellious streak told her to fight on. Although, she should have listened to her inner voice.
A pale figure became more opatic, and the moaning louder. An unknown female stumbled through the mist. Blood and broken flesh encrypted her once flawless face, her clothes ripped and suffocated with crimson blood. Stephanie let out a shriek of horror, her face frozen with fear. She thought that this girl was undead, then she noticed the protruding gap in her head where her bloody brain once slept.
She was a......
Steph ran quickly as she alarmed the zombie. The woman looked at her with white, evil eyes and began to pace on her. She screeched crazily at the scent Stephanie was giving as she ran wildly in the forest. Her arms stretched disturbingly and grasped Steph's golden locks of hair. Stephanie turnt around, and the dead woman lurched onto her body, grasping her neck. Ready to feed.
Stephanie throwed her off with awesome power and ran to the town. Surrounding her, hordes of undead begin to march towards her. She spots a handgun in the distance and sprints to retrieve it. She began shooting all the zombies until the gun had ran out of bullets.
She missed a little girl. The girl had tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, her dark blonde hair was matted with flaky, dry blood. She was scared, and she was turning into a zombie. Stephanie watched in sadness, as the fragile turning strong child sobbed. 
She wanted this over, she was sick of all the things she was never meant to discover, and she could do no harm to this innocent child that stood before her. Stephanie smiled to the child as if she had raised her. She calmly walked over, very slowly , making sure not to scare the child off. Stephanie asked the child her name. The child replied in a breaking voice, "Isabella". "That's a pretty name, Isabella. My name's Stephanie".
Stephanie asked Isabella if she wanted a hug, Isabella didn't reply.
Instead, she flew into Stephanie's open arms. Her small arms reached over Stephanie's back. Isabella squeezed tightly and rested her delicate, young face on Stephanie's shoulder. Stephanie hugged Isabella and at the same time quickly kissed her cheek.
Stephanie had sealed her fate. Isabella started sniffing at her neck. Steph closed her eyes and breathed calmly. The child hugged back, and fed.
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This is amazing, so creative.

Thank you! I had written it last year :D

this is written so well and really creative ending! :)

Thank you so much! Yay :D