We Lied And Sinned In Love

I look away from your glances,
because I know what you are feeling,
and it reflecting my own emotions.
Don't touch my arm and whisper in my ear,
this is wrong, imprue, unholy.
I can't stand her kissing your lips,
but I can't let my true thoughts out,
I don't want to be the woman who dragged you away from innocence.
I would be shamed,
another bit of dirt.
I don't want to see tears in my papa's eyes,
I don't want my mother to ask me why.
I don't know why I feel like this.

Love is never easy or simple,
but how do I know this is love to you?
Do you simply see lust and desire for me?
I want to crawl into your arms,
hear your heart beat with mine.
I bit my lip and look at the floor,
I'm a monster for what I feel.
Don't look at me,
you know what it does to me.
You're not just seeing my appearance,
you're reading my soul as well.
I can't keep this up,
so tired of longing for you.

Am I doom to worship you forever?
Why can't I walk away and forget this game?
I don't want to get hurt,
but it burns to be away from you.
You're palm is so warm as it is held against my face.
No, I can't do this anymore.
I want to be you one and only,
but we could never be in peace after what we have done,
we have lied and sinned,
we aren't meant to desire what others' own.
But whenever I see you,
I melt in them brown eyes and all I can do is agree,
because I never wanted to love you,
but I do and always shall.

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
Apr 27, 2012