Come Tomorrow Life Was Nothing But A Dream

Forever a never ending cycle living for death walking on brittle crystal, like ice,
Every step treacherous unsure and so cold your heat barely suffice, for life,
Is nothing more than the beating of the heart and blood flowing, your veins,
So sensitive easily ripped open on your cloths they flow leaving stains

So what happens when awoken from the murky fog of your mind?
A clash of clarity of sensibility suddenly breaching capabilities.
Awoken with power of your dreams a life truly worth living,
but fog clears and doubts sink, now capable of only of what you know
So lend a hand and imagine that flight within day is possible

For when the sparrow takes flight it too feels the winds of possibilities.
Night comes forever you fly towards the north Star, Guidance to north.
North winds so cold and hard will you find that wishful dream, for life,
Is all but a dream you live for tomorrow forgetting today is not a dream,
where tomorrow is but a fleeting wish for serenity,
oh my serenity one day you shall be mine.

Evergreens my tomorrow is but a wish for my north star to appear,
guide me at night surrounded by night sky so clear.
twinklinstar twinklinstar
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 29, 2012

I see now that you haven't posted anything recently, I hope you still write, you got a talent for it.

Peace and Love

Beautiful! X

A most elaborate and intriguing masterpiece! Sensual words and nice flow. A captivating read, indeed my friend! Very well done! Many Blessings!....:)

:) thank you

Many thanks...What talent you have May God always keep an eye on you....:)

Thank you for your blessing i deeply appreciate it :)