People look at you, from a distance

From a distance because you won't let them close enough.

Close enough to see your pain.

They look at you from a distance,

and they say you're okay.

But, it's hard to determine from a distance what's ok, and what's not.

As badly as you want to believe the words they have so softly spoken.

And it's hard to look at yourself in the mirror, and say you're ok,

when the mirror you're looking into is broken.


Those who say they love you, can't possibly love you

when they don't know who you  really even are.

And they don't know you, until they see all your pain,

yours thoughts, your feelings, your fears, your scars.


But when fear knocks on your door daily, reminding you of the pain,

thoughts overtake your feelings, and your fears become irrational.

And your scars seem to get bigger with every memory that floods back

like rivers in your head, that become rivers down your cheeks when you

can no longer hold them in.

hybrid12 hybrid12
22-25, F
Apr 29, 2012