Sinking into my inner world
Nothing exists but my thoughts
Drowning in an emotion sea
Walking through the doors of my mind

To where have I gone?
Where is my mind?
I am here in nowhere,
Where is that?

Find me for I am lost
call to me, but not softly
I cannot hear most things from the loud silence of my mind

Come quickly
Before I drift too far

Time has no place
Noise has no sound
Eyes do not see
Hands cannot touch
Words are heard but not spoken
Even then this silence cannot be broken
Nothing is real but it still exists

I am here but nowhere to be found
The world around me fades into the world within me
Bring me back for I cannot move
I am drifting too quickly into my mind

Its dark and empty,
its light and full,
Its everything and nothing

Please catch me from my endless falling
Please place me on solid ground
Please stop my drifting before I have reached the point of no return

Reality cannot hold me alone
I need you to
invisiblyreal invisiblyreal
22-25, F
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