Forest Fireworks

Forest Fireworks

Gaia's night cloak pulled around me
As I sit on a rock, my ears blessed
With the sacred song of cricket and frog.
Faint rustlings of night creatures
And the flutter of nocturnal wings
Make me feel alive in the dark.

The stars sprinkle blue light through the trees
And I am alone yet not alone
Content yet grateful to drink in the wonder.

I saw the first one in a fleeting glimpse
Of golden green that flashed 
And streaked into the night
Soundless trails of a tiny forest comet.

I squinted as more came around
On, off, on, off...
Streetlights of the woods.
Darting, swirling, dancing to the
Nightly melody of forest tunes.

I've heard it said 
That fireflies are but candles
That light the final thoughts of eventide.
Fireworks of the forest that celebrate
The passing of a gentle summer's day.

Connifer/@Copyright 7-97 
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
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