The End, The Wall

All I will do is sit here and stare into the fog.
The cold wind is caressing my skin.
Stones are falling from the sky and all
That I see is the world around me crumble, like I; sinking within.
Withdrawing, we both are, as we prepare for the fall.

Fluid, grotesque, thick, and black is oozing from the brick walls,
The ones that line the alley, while they hastily deteriorate.
Turning to warm colored sand before they're nothing at all,
I sit and see the rubble try and run; too late.
There was no time to flee, and no one left to call.
They simply dissipate.

My hands are the reflection of the sky,
Cracked and glowing with an eerie violet light.
The cracks, I see them spread, covering even my presence of mind.
Soon nothing will be left but a shell, once more void of life.

Lips, slowly bleeding, shards of glass protruding from the skin, once tender; quietly they tremble.
Tears, like acid, burn bloodshot, porcelain eyes.
The world around me plagued, too, by the invasive wall, will always remember,
How it would stretch for miles; it was just too high.
How the transparent worms, with sleek sides of precious glass rained down forever.

Many a time I have tried, to no avail.
Tried to bring down the wall, or alternately climb.
Gripping, clinging, hoping, fighting the whistling wind which prevailed;
Needless to say each time I fell.

Clusters of black and green clouds infect the dark patches of night,
I split in two, with frozen lips of blue,
Just in time to see that the violent screams of any and all turn quiet.

"Open your heart; I'm coming home."
SadisticYellowBird SadisticYellowBird
18-21, F
May 5, 2012