What I Write When I Feel Depressed

i have suffered with depression for the past 7 years.
one of my best coping skills that i have is to write poetry when i feel super depressed and suicidal
i just wanted to share two of my many poems and see what people think
writing poems like this really actually make me feel better
The never ending song

the blade cuts easy
i like the pain
with every cut
i feel more sane

the blood pours out
I've cut to deep
but that's okay
now i can have eternal sleep

the room starts to fade
things start to blur
I'm not dead yet
but i wish i were

then it happens
I'm finally gone
my soul starts to float
in tune to a never ending song

Trigger pull

the gun is in my hand
now its pointing at my face
once i pull the trigger
there wont even be a trace

my head will be gone
and so will my soul
its all because of me
and one little trigger pull
shumanator shumanator
18-21, M
May 5, 2012