Clock And Braveheart

Its like a tick then like a tock,
The hands move, I inwardly rock.

I watch them carefully I watch with glee.
As each second passes it could set me free.

Mind plays tricks when it hears these ticks.
Heart tremor shocks on hearing those tocks.

My beaded brow so hot to touch.
Another screw, just turned too much.

I pause and freeze and see clocks face,
My memories dance in a fearful place.

People I love and of friend`s all true.
My time evaporates with a timeless view.

Another twist and cable pulled,
faint hope traces, my emotions are mulled.

The count is down, 10 seconds to go.
Muster my game face, the one I must show.

Final click and my relief so beckoned.
The clock has stopped within a second.

Today I live, tomorrow I may die
As dust settles I quietly cry.

Tearful thoughts of family blend.
But this bomb I call my deadly friend.

{The Hurt Locker is not a film it is a reality}

EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
May 5, 2012