Nos Coeurs Battront Pas Plus

When once I met a wizard,
He took me by the hand,
Stared deep into my soul and said,
"Let no words nor actions of mine be of confusion,
The best I can offer is not mere illusion,
While this shell of one confines you,
I only mean to walk beside you,
Take my hand and together we'll run,
Gliding softly into the sun."
At this I shook my head ferociously,
Screaming I said only, "Never and again."
He gathered his arms around me, lifted up my hands,
Pressed his lips against my own,
And I saw him never again.

A single fortnight after this encounter of brevity,
I heard his voice calling out to me, slowly,
"Take my hand and together we'll run,
Gliding softly into the sun."
Shaking my head I turned around,
Expecting to see the familiar form of this one whom I had found,
Instead I saw naught but a golden rose, laying upon the ground.

The very next day my heart awoke,
As I heard these words whispered from his throat,
"Take my hand and together we'll run,
Gliding softly into the sun."
As my eyes searched endlessly,
My wizard was simply nowhere to be seen,
But again that golden rose, whose beauty sings,
Was set atop the ground; this time one petal missing.

That night as my head lay on my pillow,
And I pleaded for the dark blanket of slumber,
I realized my soul, now had its own keeper,
And with him, my missing heart, a sheath to the soul forever.
As my head sank into oblivion,
I dreamt for him in both longing and contempt and
Found when I again awoke that my dreams were lost too fast.

The next few days were simply mirrored repetitions of the last,
And with each new day something within me rose, steadily, and all too fast.
Inside my head I would trace his form with prints from my own finger,
Each day he spoke these words to me, and each day the rose a petal shorter.

One fateful day the rose appeared to me, lacking now all but one petal,
The words spoken were the same, the words I would past life inwardly cradle,
"Take my hand and together we'll run,
Gliding softly into the sun."
This time I spoke, that he might hear my fervent pleas,
"Wrench away this spell cast that rests beneath my breast,
Take this rose, bearing one petal, and take the blackened rest!
If all I must do is complete one task,
Then I swear I'll now take your hand, and run with you at last!"
My ears were alert, lying in wait for some form of response,
But alas, there was naught to be heard but the sounds made from his beating heart.

The heart had been ripped from out his chest and placed in my own two hands.
Picking up my forlorn rose, I stabbed the bloody mass!
With that move I realized precisely what I had done,
Our two hearts had been turned to one.
I felt the rose, protruding from flesh, I felt the thorns and madly laughed,
The sun,then, was to cloud my mind, and I ran into its grasp.

Nos cœurs battront pas plus!
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Wow that was fantastic!Vous etes un poete qui a gagne mon coeur!

Merci beaucoup!

Nos cœurs battront pas plus! = Our hearts beat no more.