A Message For The Youth

I once was young, but wished to be old
I hate to do what I've been told
But once you're older, you're bound to see
that being young was the way to be

When you're old you think you're free
but there's always a guy to disagree
they'll tell you what you should do
they'll tell you what they would do
But either way, it seems to be
there's someone saying what has to be

When you're old, the stakes are high
when you're young, you can sit and cry
Cause what you're told as a child
might seem big, but it's really mild
But what you're told when you grow
is more annoying that I know

Go clean your room is easy as pie
but pay your taxes until you die?
Come do this or be ostracized
but I don't like you, so why would I?
Pay your ticket and pay on time
Your payments late, now get fined

Arrghh... it's enough to drive me mad
So I'll tell the kids to just be glad
cause when you're old you'll be wishing soon
that someone would say, go clean your room
Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 8 Responses May 6, 2012

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Enjoyed this one


Hi Hermey,

Good fun on the stages of life.

Thanks for the smile...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Haha!! It's so true. I was in such a hurry to be a grown up I forgot to have fun. Happily I now remember

Sweet :)

thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Super cute the way you wrapped up, and ended this ..... Howdy, Pal.....good job....

Funny you comment on this now. I'm currently having an art session with the nephews. We had a great weekend running around. And now it's an exhausting Sunday evening.

Ah.... Very cute uncle Hermey.... Sounds fun!

wow- this poem is so true and reflective..buut , you can always still be 'young' at any age ..oh yyyess!!! just can't believe those ol' folk..;) You are a wonderful writer- think I mentioned that ..*hopes*

I love your poem, but you are still young! Retirement is like being a child again but if someone tells me to clean my room, I say' screw you,' and go to yoga class!

Now, that's awesome....I should show this to my daughter....

let me know what she says if you do show her.