The Fox And The Clowns

I hear the howls, I can smell the horses
I ignore the hares, running their courses.
The sound of clumping and their tired gait.
Red pompous clowns as their masters bate.
Bugle toots getting close in their chase.
But they fail to see my smiling face.
Now hounds you know are mighty quick;
But like their huntsmen, they are just as thick.
Looking down I see them thunder,
My thoughts `so many idiots` full of blunder.
Now I am bored, I have seen enough.
These worthless creatures are not so tough.
The fading sounds are like galloping mules,
I laugh contentedly on defeating these fools.

So up the hill I gracefully stroll, looking out my secret hole.
Down the burrow I must go, to sleep my day the huntsmen stole.
{Ode for the red coat morons of the Aristocracy}
EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
1 Response May 7, 2012

Oh so true, an ode for the red coat moron variety. Aristocracy is a mere title for the pretentiously inclined.<br />
<br />
I hear their hooves beat, their snorting grunts while galloping...their trotting is rhythmic, predictable yet seemingly transient...with blazing speed, they quickly vanish from sight. Gone. Only prints remain in the dirt along with my memory.<br />
and what is the reliability of memory?