Your Disguise

You hide your true self behind a    
Hoping none see the man     
   behind the curtain
You lose your cool in the shadow of
   a doubt
Hiding your heart's deep yearning

    Again you reach out just to pull back
With manic energy you still your visage
Firmly absorbed in wearing your mask
Trading your true soul for a mirage

Hidden and bound the heart starts to waver
Unseen in the light of the day
There is no uniqueness of soul to savor
The lines that define you eroded away

The man I thought I knew was a fraud
A charlatan working his bag of tricks
The twining of souls that I had sought
Was torn asunder by special effects

You wasted my time and played with my heart
The regret is all mine; I was fooled
What did I see in you at the start?
Why was my brain overruled?

Indie42 Indie42
46-50, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

and...<br />
if my tongue should <br />
probe betwixt your thighs ;p><br />
Under YOUR cloaks... <br />
Would your shrieks of passion be authentic or contrived? :)