Flirtatious Notions

Starving for adventure, flirtatious notions, alluring,
your provocative dress, risque dance, seductive kisses
accelerated my heart, recalibrating it from the start.

Caressing bodies, necking, heavy petting,
stretched out on the bed, taking a journey.
Clothes thrown, heads bent back,
salivating mouths and eyes closed.

From the sheets of the bed to the bedroom floor -
fingers trembling, arched backs, inducing.

Embracing; laced, grazing each others bodies
from the cushioned floor to the hard-ridged wall.
In a faithful frolic, burning red, fornicating
all night long in your tender embrace - Loved.

© Copyright 2009 By: joe251986 Italian Stallion
joe251986 joe251986
26-30, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

I love how your poem captures the timelessness of love, lust and desire! It works today as it would have worked fifty, hundred or thousand years ago and it'll stand the test of time.

Thank you Laura, this poem took me a long time to write as I didn't want it to be another cliched erotic poem using graphic (pornographic like) words.