A Lost Romanticizing

Hardened steel fallen,
distant echos shattered
embracing silence.

(A mended soldiers thoughts,
embraced by his armored vest.)

Aimed, fired, reloaded
re-sighted once again,
like that of love.

(Unleashing all hell he did,
to get back home, he missed.)

Hushed words, signals made
communicating with others,
a truce being made.

(Vivid images stained his mind
while romanticizing his lover.)

One minute it's love,
and suddenly...
it's like a battlefield.

(Relocating towards safety,
he aimed, fired and reloaded.)

Hardened steel fallen,
shattering distant echos

© Copyright 2009 By: joe251986 aka Italian Stallion
joe251986 joe251986
26-30, M
2 Responses May 8, 2012

This is thought provoking and beautiful thanks for sharing!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.